Phnom Penh Street and People Photos

Phnom Penh Street Photos

These are mostly pictures that I snapped with my phone from the back of a car.  They are not the kind of pictures to go on a wall, but they do give some sense of what life is like in a large South East Asia city.  These include buildings, construction and traffic.  Transportation was generally in a tuk tuk that was attached to a scooter by a hitch.

We visited the FCC-Foreign Correspondents Club.  It was quite a landmark in the days of the Khmer Rouge.  There are some pictures and quotes from that time still on the walls.

We also went to an outside concert in the garden of a fancy hotel, Ruffles.  We listened to Mozart, Beethoven and CPE Bach.  What a treat.

People on the Streets

I also accompanied Duane Pollock and some of his students to a the Riverside walk to do street photography.  We were to find objects to shoot from a different perspective than usual.  We also talked to people to make them feel comfortable so when we asked to take their picture, they would say yes.  This is quite a challenge in another language but was a fun afternoon.

The river walk was very busy with lots of people selling their wares.  It seemed to be a special day of prayer and people were buying lotus flowers and incense.  Many people were saying prayers on a small covered platform and there were musicians playing pitched percussion instruments.