Flight to view Mt. Everest from Kathmandu

A friend in Chiang Mai told us about a flight you can take from Kathmandu that goes from the city to view Mt. Everest.  He really recommended it.  We had our hotel book it and a driver to take us to the airport.  The cost was about $200 each and we both agreed that it was well worth it.  We flew with Simrik Airlines.

We left the hotel at 5:15 am for a 6:15 flight.  After fighting our way into the airport past the groups and all their gear heading to Mt. Everest to trek or climb, we arrived at our gate to be told that the flight was delayed until the sky cleared.  We finally took a bus to our plane and waited while it was made ready.  We took off about 8 am.  The flight lasts about an hour.  If the weather is not going to be conducive to good viewing, they cancel the flight and refund your ticket.

The plane held 16 passengers in 8 rows so that everyone got a window seat.  We were each given a card showing the names and outlines of all the peaks in the area.  I got to see the mountains on the way there, and Peter had the views on the way back.  During the trip, the stewardess came back several times and pointed out where we were on the description card.  It was a challenge to take great pictures due to the movement and the light conditions, but to see the actual mountain at eye level was really something special.

When we approached Everest itself, the pilot began to turn.  We were each given an opportunity to walk ( hunched over by about half) up to the cockpit and see the views through the front win

Mt. Everest Views